Frequently Asked Questions


I am working with a small firm and can i still be a part of DC design partner team?

Yes you can still be a part of Design Partner Program, you can manage your own available time slots based on which we'll assign the projects.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our beta site

What is the process to join the Design Partner program?

First you need to sign up and our team will schedule an interview, once selected you'll have to go through a couple of short trainings, once all process of onboarding is completed you'll be assigned a project to work on.

How do I login?

The official email ID will be created once you're selected in the interview and shared in your personal email address, once received you can login to the site with an OTP sent to your official email address each time you try to login.

How long does the process to join take?

The process depends on your availability for interview and complete other onboarding processes.

Do you hire only freelance designers?

Currently yes, we're onboarding only the ones who have freelance interior design experience, but in the later phase of the program, we'll include designers who have worked in a firm even if they don't have any freelance experience.

Is there any incentives & bonus for good performance?

Yes the Design Partner program provides several incentive plan based on number of days taken to complete the design and also based on client's feedback.

When do I get paid?

You get paid on every completing each milestones of the project, so the payment comes as Instalments. And the fees and Incentives will be credited to you after 2 weeks of project completion.

Is there any deductions?

There are no deductions from designcafe's end, but if taxes are applicable it could be deducted.

How much do I get paid per project?

You get a fixed rate of 6% of the total project cost, plus the incentives.

How many projects should i take in a month?

You can always choose the number of projects you're ready to take up based on your availability. We always check for your availability before assigning a project.

Will I be assigned a Lead or a Client?

You'll be assigned both lead and projects based on the number of pending projects. We encourage our designers to interact with the leads directly so that the requirements and the client's expectations can be understood better. Hence avoiding confusion or misunderstanding.

How many site visits should i do?

Design Partner process flow require you to make minimum 3 site visits to know your client requirement and also to check on the Installation progress, and also to rule out errors during installation.

What is timeline for each project?

The time line for each project completion is 90 days, of which max of 30 days is allocated for the design purpose.

If I need help of another designer in the middle of the project in order to complete within the deadline, is that possible?

Right now we don't have the option to collaborate with other design partners, but we'll bring this option soon, but if you need help in completing the project we can defenitely find you help. But we do encourage to take projects according to your availability.

Do I need to come to office any time?

Once the interview process is completed, you can choose to bring the client to the experience centre to broaden the scope of the client's requirements or else if you wish to have meetings with the clients elsewhere you can do so as well. Other than that only when there's some Design partner meeting conducted or some other reason you can work from anywhere.