Fees & Incentives

Our design partners will be entitled to a commission fee for each project along with additional incentives and bonuses which will be regularly updated in order to encourage the design community to provide their best services to all Design Cafe clients – and to help them evolve into better design professionals along the journey.
Note that these “Fees and Incentives” will be refreshed and updated as deemed fit by Design Cafe. All design partners will be duly informed of the latest version to ensure designers are sufficiently informed at all times. This document “Fees & Incentives” is Annexure-A of Design Partner Service Agreement, which is signed by every design partner as acceptance of the terms and conditions of the partnership with Design Partner under their “Design Partner Program”

“Fees and Incentives”
Q2: July – September 2020

  1. A Design Partner (DP) earn a commission of 6% of project value (minus GST)
  2. If a DP brings their own clients to be executed under this DP program, additional 4% will be added to their commission i.e., DP earns 10% (6%+4%) for such referred projects.
  3. Over and above the commission fee, Design Partners can earn performance-based incentives and special bonuses – as detailed below:
Incentive Eligibility/Qualification Criteria
Launch Incentive Newly on-boarded Design Partners are eligible for a special “Launch Incentive” of Rs. 25000 per signup – for the first 2 signups.

  • Eligible for first 2 signups within 3 months of becoming ‘DC Ready’
  • It will be paid in 2 instalments: Rs10,000 on signup and remaining Rs. 15,000 on design signoff
  • Only for signups where the DP has taken the lead meeting, made the proposal and closed the sale.
  • Not applicable for referral signups* (Refer point 2 above for benefits of referral)
  • Not applicable on discovery signups* (*Client signs up with a token amount – instead of full 5%)
Lead Conversion Conversion bonus per signup – i.e., after a booking is confirmed and client pays 5% of project value is as illustrated below:

  • Rs. 2000 /signup **
  • Additional Rs. 5000 /month if conversion % (Signups/Meetings Done) > 25%
  • T&C:

  • **Cannot be clubbed with launch incentive
  • Not applicable for referral signups – referred by the DP
Design Timeline Incentive If a DP sends a project to production within 45 days of signup, an additional 1% will be added to the commission i.e.:

  • For such projects, the DP will earn 7% (6%+1%) of project value (minus GST)
Revenue Incentive
  • Monthly revenue collected 18 Lacs and up: Rs.2000 extra bonus
  • DP with the highest monthly revenue collection (Min 20 Lacs to qualify) : Rs 5000
Standard Sku & Quality Design Cafe designers are required to adhere to our standard guidelines and design blocks with zero to minimum deviations. To ensure a seamless Design to Production experience for everyone – including the client, it is vital to track adherence to DC standards for each project.
DPs can earn incentives as below:

  • > 80% standard SKU: Rs. 2000/ project
Refer a DP Get Rs. 10,000 if you refer a DP*

  • *Will be paid out when the referred DP signs up his/her first project from DC